Settling In

September 20th, 2017

We have started off by concentrating on settling the children in to their classes, getting to know each other and learning the rules and routines that enable us all to work happily together. The staff have spent time with all the children individually and getting to know them as a group, as well as playing games which will help the children get to know each other.

We hope that your child has had a great first few weeks at school. We have been thrilled with them all! We have already begun to assess your children since they walked through the door. The children are not even aware we are doing it as we have such a strong play based curriculum. In your child’s first few weeks it is important that we settle them in and they feel safe and secure. In addition to this we will work with the children to find out what they are able to do. This then enables us to plan for exciting learning experiences which are relevant and challenging. This half term our topic is ‘Superheroes’ and we have already been talking about what kind of superhero we would be and what superheroes do.

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